We use a local supplier who specialises in cacti, this means we have an extensive range as well as our cacti gardens.


Within our house plant area we stock a wide range of foliage plants, if it is something small you are looking for we have Boston Ferns, Ficus and lots more.

Or if it is something larger you are looking for we stock Areca, Ficus, Dracena. If you require something we don’t have in stock please ask a team member and we should be able to source the plant for you.


You will always find something flowering within our house plant area as we follow the seasons. Because of this you will always find something different.


We use a family run bonsai supplier who supplies us with your more traditional bonsai such as Chinese elms, to your more elaborate Bonsai trees. We also stock a wide range of accessories for all you Bonsai needs.

Pot Covers

We do a wide range of pot covers which have been carefully selected for their design and shape.


We stock a wide range of orchids from around the world, from your traditional moth orchid (Phalenopsis) to your more elaborate orchid for example Vandas.

Air Plants

If it is low maintenance you are after why not try an air plant. We have single plants to more traditional pre-designed gardens and contemporary designs.