Pots and Containers

Planting pots and containers couldn’t be easier, we have an array of sizes, shapes and designs to suit every patio!

From terracotta, glazed, plastic and stone we have something to suit everyone.


Plant Feeds

We stock a great range of liquid, granular and slow release plant feeds to promote healthy flowers, foliage and root growth.

Our range is extensive and includes all the big name brands like Miracle Gro, Phostrogen, Tomorite, Growmore and Bonemeal.


Hanging Baskets

Planting a hanging basket couldn’t be easier and is great to brighten up the patio, back door or anywhere up high that you can attach a bracket.

We have a great selection of wire, coir and natural baskets and troughs for every style and budget as well as hanging basket accessories from liners, brackets, moss, compost, water retaining granules and slow release plant feeds. Sit back and enjoy while it flowers all Summer long.


Weeds, Pest and Disease Control

We stock a comprehensive range of the best products to keep your borders and paths weed free including Weedol, Pathclear and Roundup.

Our Pest & Disease section will help eradicate garden pests such as aphids, ants, slugs and mice, as well as diseases on roses, fruit, vegetables and other flowering plants.


Bedding Plants

Containers, pots and hanging baskets can be planted with annual bedding plants all year around. Autumn/Winter bedding plants can be planted in the autumn to give a good, colourful display until early spring, these are mainly hardy perennials, polyanthus, primroses, ornamental kale and cabbage, heathers, ivy, winter pansies and spring flowering bulbs such as tulips and miniature daffodils.

Spring/Summer bedding plants can be planted in late spring, keep an eye on the weather forecast until late spring and be on standby to protect overnight with horticultural fleece if there is a threat of frost. These include begonias, lobelia, petunias, pelargoniums, nicotiana and fuchsias.