Like everyone else we believe that environmental issues are of such paramount importance due to the climate around us changing and we believe that companies like ourselves have a role to play in helping reduce climate change and minimise the ways our business can affect the environment.

Therefore Stratford Garden Centre are committed to operating its business in as environmentally friendly manner as is possible.
We will aim to demonstrate this commitment in the following ways:

We will:

  • Meet or exceed the requirements of relevant legislation and appropriate codes of practice
  • Work diligently to reduce energy and resource consumption, adhering to industry and good practice
  • Ensure the products we sell have a minimal adverse effect on the environment as possible
  • Stock an appropriate range of environmentally friendly products to encourage our customers to behave in an environmentally sound manner
  • Pursue and fulfill obligations with regards to the waste product management and recycling policy and where possible advance initiatives in this area
  • Consider environmental issues when purchasing products and services

Communication and training are key to the success of our environmental policy. Our policies will be communicated to all staff, suppliers and customers to encourage sound practices.